Fleetwood Mac ‎– Tusk
Gatunek: Rock/metal
Rodzaj płyty winylowej: LP
Rozmiar: 12``

stan okładki: bardzo dobry 

stan płyty: bardzo dobry

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Wydanie: Warner Bros. Records ‎– WB 66 088

Cena: 90,00 zł
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A1   Over & Over   4:35
A2   The Ledge   2:02
A3   Think About Me   2:44
A4   Save Me A Place   2:40
A5   Sara   6:26
B1   What Makes You Think You're The One   3:28
B2   Storms   5:28
B3   That's All For Everyone   3:04
B4   Not That Funny   3:19
B5   Sisters Of The Moon   4:36
C1   Angel   4:53
C2   That's Enough For Me   1:48
C3   Brown Eyes   4:27
C4   Never Make Me Cry   2:14
C5   I Know I'm Not Wrong   2:59
D1   Honey Hi   2:43
D2   Beautiful Child   5:19
D3   Walk A Thin Line   3:44
D4   Tusk   3:36
D5   Never Forget   3:40