The Replacements ‎– The Twin/Tone Years

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Wydanie: Rhino Records ‎– R1 548944


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Sorry Ma, Forgot To Take Out The Trash
A1 Takin A Ride 2:23
A2 Careless 1:07
A3 Customer 1:29
A4 Hangin Downtown 2:04
A5 Kick Your Door Down 3:10
A6 Otto 2:28
A7 I Bought A Headache 2:24
A8 Rattlesnake 1:47
A9 I Hate Music 1:48
B1 Johnny's Gonna Die 3:30
B2 Shiftless When Idle 2:17
B3 More Cigarettes 1:20
B4 Don't Ask Why 1:56
B5 Something To Dü 1:39
B6 I'm In Trouble 2:07
B7 Love You Till Friday 1:52
B8 Shutup 1:21
B9 Raised In The City 1:58
Stink ("Kids Don't Follow" Plus Seven)
C1 Kids Don't Follow 2:18
C2 Fuck School 1:25
C3 Stuck In The Middle 1:46
C4 God Damn Job 1:15
D1 White And Lazy 2:06
D2 Dope Smokin Moron 1:31
D3 Go 2:28
D4 Gimme Noise 1:35
E1 Hootenanny 1:52
E2 Run It 1:11
E3 Color Me Impressed 2:25
E4 Willpower 4:18
E5 Take Me Down To The Hospital 3:46
E6 Mr. Whirly 1:52
F1 Within Your Reach 4:24
F2 Buck Hill 2:06
F3 Lovelines 1:59
F4 You Lose 1:41
F5 Hayday 2:05
F6 Treatment Bound 3:12
Let It Be
G1 I Will Dare 3:17
G2 Favorite Thing 2:17
G3 We're Comin' Out 2:20
G4 Tommy Gets His Tonsils Out 1:51
G5 Androgynous 3:07
G6 Black Diamond 2:39
H1 Unsatisfied 3:59
H2 Seen Your Video 3:05
H3 Gary's Got A Boner 2:25
H4 Sixteen Blue 4:21
H5 Answering Machine 3:37