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Ennio Morricone ‎– A Pure Formality

Ennio Morricone ‎– Bugsy

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A1 Ac-Cent -Tchu-Ate The Positive 2:47
A2 For Her,For Him 4:45
A3 Act Of Faith 3:15
A4 The Die Is Cast 3:21
A5 That Night In Las Vegas 1:53
A6 Humiliated 1:30
A7 Hunited 3:28
A8 Bugsy's Arrest 4:30
A9 In Cuba 1:40
A10 Why Don't You Do Right?(Get Me Some Money Too!) 2:24
B1 Candy 3:11
B2 Fly Away 4:24
B3 On Sale 1:35
B4 Act Of Faith 3:12
B5 Desert Mirage 1:28
B6 On A Street At Night 2:03
B7 More Money 1:56
B8 At Great Expense 2:25
B9 Bugsy's Death 4:24
B10 Virginia Waits 2:16
B11 Neurotic Love 2:13
B12 Long Ago And Far Away 2:54

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